Tips and tricks for washing and drying your laundry

Tips and tricks for washing and drying your laundry

 How do you go about washing your dirty laundry? In this article you will find various tips and tricks that will help you with this. For example, don't forget to check the label on the inside of the shirt or skirt in advance for new garments. It helps you avoid washing the laundry at too high a temperature. Washing clothes too hot will cause the fabric of which the garment is made to shrink. Not only does the label tell you at what temperature the clothes can be washed. You will also find more information about the possibility of drying clothes in a tumble dryer.

Start preparing to wash your clothes
Proper preparation when washing and drying clothes goes beyond just looking at the label inside the garment. For example, also make sure that the most stubborn stains in clothing are removed beforehand. You can think of a stain from spilling sauce while eating, a stain from dropping a glass of wine or port, and so on. There are various means available at the drugstore and supermarket, with which you can remove the various types of stains from the clothing. After using such a product, you can put the dirty laundry in the drum of your washing machine.

Clothes don't need to be washed every week
Sometimes it can be enough to hang your clothes outside for part of the day to give them back its fresh scent. This is especially true for items of clothing that you may have only worn for one or two days. By putting clothes less quickly in the drum of the washing machine, you contribute to a sustainable world. It is also better for the garments themselves. The fabric your clothes are made of is less likely to pill. You can recognize the pilling of the fabric by the small fluff that sticks to the clothing. There are handy devices available to remove these pills.

Tip: You can also choose to wash items by hand from time to time. This is especially recommended for delicate garments.

Make sure you wash clothes inside out
To prevent clothes from losing their color, it is wise to wash the clothes inside out. In this way, the garments will not rub against each other, so that pants or, for example, a shirt remain beautiful for longer. This is especially important for dark colored garments.

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