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Washroom with shared income

Meet & Wash is a washroom for collective use. We install free washing machines and dryers so that your residents or guests can collectively use this laundry area. Meet & Wash offers you nothing but advantages: you do not have to invest in equipment, you do not pay maintenance costs and we repair any defect within 48 hours. Offer a collective laundry room without investing in washing machines and dryers.

What we offer
  • Free placement

    We place the washing machine and dryers free of charge and install them to the existing facilities.

  • Repairs within 48 hours

    In a communal laundry room, every machine has to function perfectly every moment of the day. That is why Meet & Wash repairs any defect within 48 hours.

  • Fair distribution key

    With a fair distribution key we ensure that everyone benefits.

Circular economic washing

A communal washing area not only helps to reduce costs, but also has a positive influence on the ecological footprint of each individual. Collective washing places are a perfect fit for the sharing economy. Due to the long service life of the machines compared to household machines, the Meet & Wash concept also contributes to reducing e-waste.

The lifespan of a professional washing machine is considerably longer than that of a private washing machine. On average, a household washing machine can last about 5,000 operating hours, a professional washing machine can last up to 30,000 operating hours. With Meet & Washh you can be sure of a long lifespan for every washing machine and dryer, as well as an income. This fits perfectly in the philosophy of the circular economy.


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