Who are and how do we help you on your way?
Meet & Wash is a product of LDL Group, with which we aim to create a central meeting place. After all, in today's society there is hardly any time left for a chat with strangers, getting to know the new neighbors or, for example, welcoming other guests at a recreation park. People are busy with work, family life and school business. While the dirty laundry of your residents or, for example, guests is washed in the collective facility that Meet & Wash creates for you, they have the opportunity to have that first chat with each other. Who knows, what beautiful friendships will be made here in the future!

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High-quality service is our top priority

When you choose the Meet & Wash concept, you want to be sure that the washing machines and dryers function properly. They must be reliable and return the dirty laundry of residents and guests clean, preferably dry and above all without damage. Meet & Wash meets this need! We only work with white goods from reputable and high-quality manufacturers. Do you unexpectedly run into a problem? We will visit you as soon as possible to repair the device. By default, the devices are placed at your location for free. That way you don't have to worry about this yourself.

Connect people with each other

Start bringing people together today by choosing the Meet & Wash concept. Together we set up a collective laundry facility at your recreation park, within your healthcare institution or, for example, in your student complex. Together with you, we determine in advance which requirements and wishes this facility must meet, and then proceed to install the various machines as quickly as possible. Bringing people together is part of a socially responsible way of doing business.
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What do we offer?
  • Shared revenue

  • Ecological machines

  • Reperations within 48u




Users can easily pay via an app or central payment system (on request).


Reservation system

Washing machines can be reserved by users. This way they can be sure that the washing machine or dryer is free at the time they want to use the appliance.



Do you own a student house, service flat, social housing, holiday park, campsite, petrol station, parking lot, rest area along the motorway? Meet & Wash offers in-house laundry areas so that every resident or guest can easily do their laundry, whenever they want.

What do we offer?

The advantages of a collective washing place

  • Free Placement

    We place the washing machines and dryers completely free of charge. The repairs are also free of charge.

  • Repairs within 48 hours

    In a communal laundry room, every machine has to function perfectly every moment of the day. That is why Meet & Wash repairs any defect within 48 hours.

  • Fair distribution key

    With a fair distribution key we ensure that everyone benefits.

Offer Meet & Wash in your building?

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